Well well well.. An office on the canals of Amsterdam who would have thought! After a long and thorough search this was a real unpolished gem which we were lucky enough to find. As a former storage for nearby Chinese shops and restaurants, the space we now call office did really smell way too much like onions and was in no way suitable for holding office.

So we rolled up our sleeves and called a contractor. The giant freezer room was removed and big glass walls were installed. Our very own handyman Kevin even installed the whole kitchen with his bare manly cinematographer hands. The office has also been fully equipped with a grading & editing suite so we can bring our post-production A-game. So yes, a fun project which took some time but we sure are proud of the result.

There was even some budget left for a coffee machine so please come by to see our place for yourself.

Post Production Facilities

Grading Suite

Edit Suite