Judith Knubben

”Essentially I’m a nostalgic person; I want to create something that lasts forever.”

Judith Carina Knubben is a film director who visualizes universal themes in her poetic storytelling. She lays a bridge between a realistic present and a dynamic new world, by using strong choreographic elements and motion as metaphors for growth and change in life.

She often zooms in on everyday images and behavior, giving you a peek into a chapter of someone’s life. This usually makes her connotations ambiguous, emphasizing her associative way of thinking. Her photography focuses on little gestures, allowing the viewer to slowly untangle the characters, scene by scene.
By presenting gestures in their purest form, the viewer can identify with even the most complex characters and emotions, based on the connection to these small and simple elements. Above all, different perspectives and angles provide a fascinating insight to the relationships between her characters.

Her love for movement originates from her early childhood when she was trained as a professional gymnast. The strength and beauty of the human body inspired her to use motion, movement and dance for her storytelling. Judith finished her Masters degree in Film & Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
Bringing her experience of directing to the screen, over the past few years Judith has written and directed various short films and commercials.
These videos have garnered nominations and awards including a Diamond Award Hollywood Film competition, a nomination for Depth of Field Festival LA and have been screened at festivals such as Middlesbrough Dance Filmfestival and Cinedans Festival.

“Profoundly everything has to be kept in mind for creating the typical lush atmospheres that flows through every vein of her work.”

“With love for the unusual and an eye for beauty, director Judith Knubben captures life in mesmerizing, gradient images with an edge of grunge.”

FAVOURITE FOOD: Definitely cheese platter
BEST PLACE ON EARTH: Sydney & Lapland